The bricks are metallized with a very thin layer of chrome.This layer is of very strong quality and is scratch-proof.Both the outside and the inside of the parts will be chromed.

What you need to know prior to placing your order.

The bricks will be provided with an extra layer, which may sometimes have an effect on the ease of pieces coming apart and fitting together.Larger parts in particular may require somewhat more force.The chroming process can only be applied to ABS parts; most parts are made of ABS.Transparent parts are not made of ABS. Parts featuring a print or a spray coating, such as metallic silver, are not suitable for chroming either. Chroming is only an option for new and undamaged parts, because all scratches would remain visible after the chroming procedure.The parts may contain visible traces clamp,usually on the stud.

It is not suitable for small children for reason of the thin chromium metal layer.

Delivery time for chroming part

We have parts chromed once every month. You can place your order up the 23th of the month.The delivery time for chroming will be approximately 3 weeks.Therefore we are unfortunately unable to offer you ‘next day delivery’. As soon as we have received your order we will issue an invoice.

What are the costs?

The costs per part for parts up to approximately 4 studs are 1.10 euro in addition to the normal price of the part. For larger parts, this price may increase to 2.40 euro

Till 4 studs cost 1,10 euro
5-8 studs cost 1.80 euro
9-16 studs cost 2.40 euro